Mail Sender 9.41

  • Bulk email sender

  • Use our built-in SMTP, or use your own!

  • Address recipients by name

  • Remove unsubscribers

Email Studio 12.23

  • 9-in-1 marketing software

  • Create & send emails

  • Address recipients by name

  • Import and search for contacts

List Manager 6.00

  • Keep your mailing lists fresh and of the best quality.

  • List Manager enables you to verify the email addresses on your list. 

  • Merge, subtract, split or filter mailing list of any size.

Mail Verifier 9.43

  • Verify email syntax

  • Verify domains

  • Verify emails

  • Save unlimited lists

Email Hunter 14.04

  • Uncover email addresses on websites

  • Search by keyword

  • Performs high speed and accurate searches

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